The Forgotten, Virginia City Cemetery - Old Custom Cars

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The Forgotten, Virginia City Nevada Cemetery

Virginia City Cemetery which is actually a collection of cemeteries Pioneer, Exempt Firemen, Masons, Order of Oddfellows among others in one large location called Silver Terrace Cemetery

The 1800's were rough times in the old mining town of Virginia City Nevada you can see it by looking at the old grave stones, many of the people that had died back then were very young children like the Lichtenberg children Bertha who died at 3 mo. and about 9 mo. later Bertha the mother had Wilhelm and he died at 2 mo. old one year after his sister died in the same month of September there are similar stories trough out the cemetery.

Walking through the old cemeteries you will quickly notice there are no flowers on the decaying  grave sites as they were forgotten.

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