Exotics On Cannery Row - Old Custom Cars

Exotics on Cannery Row, now Exotics On Broadway

Exotics On Cannery Row is like no other car show event that we have been to it was amazing how all those exotic cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini,  Bugatti, Pagani and many more like Porsche, Maserati got thru all those people upwards of 35,000 lining the streets.

In 2019 Exotics on Cannery Row in Monterey moved a few miles away to Seaside along the central California Coast and is now called Exotics on Broadway there were 400 exotic cars and upwards of 40,000 people that attended the event. 

Never seen so many cameras out in one place, it was amazing. It's a must see event during Monterey Car Week even if you are not a exotic car fan.

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Tour d'Elegance - Stock classics - Customs 

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